Sunday, 23 September 2012

Glossary Of Small Business Terms part 37

and already established. Selecting More... will take you to the SBIC (Office of Investment) home page.

SBIC Locations Selecting More... will take you to SBIC locations by State.

SBIR Small Business Innovative Research See Small Business Innovation Research

SBIR CONTRACT Small Business Innovative Research Contract A type of contract designed to foster technological innovation by small businesses with 500 or fewer employees. The SBIR contract program provides for a three-phased approach to research and development projects: technological feasibility and concept development; the primary research effort; and the conversion of the technology to a commercial application.

SCORE SCORE is a 10,500-member volunteer association sponsored by the SBA.

SCORE matches volunteer business-management counselors with present prospective small business owners in need of expert advice. The SCORE home page is located at

SCORE Locations See SCORE. Selecting More... will take you to SCORE locations listed by State.

SDB Small Disadvantaged Business See Small Disadvantaged Business. SDB Program While the 8(a) Business Development Program (above) offers a broad scope of assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged firms, SDB certification strictly pertains to benefits in federal procurement. 8(a) firms automatically qualify for SDB certification. SBA certifies SDBs to make them eligible for special bidding benefits.
Evaluation credits available to prime contractors boost subcontracting opportunities for SDBs.

SECONDARY MARKET Entities who purchase an interest in a loan from an original lender, such as banks, institutional investors, insurance companies, credit unions and pension funds. There is an active secondary market in the loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. This market was created to increase the attractiveness of small business lending to the lending community. Through the market, lenders are able to sell the guaranteed portion of SBA guaranteed loans to investors and thereby improve their liquidity and increase their yield on the unguaranteed portion of SBA loans. In addition, the secondary market provides a hedge against future liquidity problems because the guaranteed portion of an SBA guaranteed portfolio may be readily sold by the lender. The market also allows a lender to meet the credit needs of a local small business community by importing capital from other parts of the country.

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